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Live Shows

Work Out Wednesday - The Perfect Burpee!

Robert E. Blackmon

The burpee is a full range of motion body exercise.  The basic movement is performed in six steps.

                                  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. (count 1)


Drop into a squatting position with your hands (between your feet) flat on the floor. (count 2)

Kick your feet back on your toes, while keeping your arms locked and extended shoulder width apart. Your back should be in plank position. (count 3)

Lower your body to the floor with your elbows locked.(count 4)

Do a push up and lock your elbows.(count 5)

Immediately return your body to the squat position with your hands (between your feet) flat on the floor. (count 6)

Jump back to the starting position to repeat. Incorporate this exercise into your regimen or do a few reps on its own for a quick calorie burning work out.