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5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Singer

Robert E. Blackmon

When finding a band or singer for your wedding take a note from the Adam Sandler hit film.
 You want to make sure the sounds you hear from your guests on the dance floor are cheers and not jeers. Here are 5 key tips that can help you find the perfect wedding singer.

#1 Decide what kind of singer/band you want.

They should reflect the over all theme of your wedding. Make sure you know what their musical selection/ play list is. Also see if you can request your own selections as well.

#2 Get a referral from someone you know.

Be careful with this one. Not everyone has the same taste in music. make sure that you hear the singer/band live before you hire them or sign a contract.

#3 Look in wedding or local band trade magazines.

You are more apt to find quality or regularly used talent in magazines. Even if they aren't very good, it will be easy to look up website comments about them.

#4 Go to your local clubs or venues where singers/bands you like play.

There is nothing like getting a first hand experience. If you would already rock out to someone at your local pub, they are probably what you are looking for.

#5 Check your local music store.

Many singers/bands post their flyers up where people buy musical equipment.

Using common sense and knowing what you want will make this process much easier.