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Live Shows

Photo Shoot with Celebrity Photography J. Horton

Lou Caravella

While very few people seem to be camera shy these days with the advent of the camera phone,

 having professional photographs taken are a completely different  kettle of fish. The technical 

aspect of professional photography are harder than snapping a selfie in front of your bathroom 

mirror. I had the thrilling opportunity to pose for famed celebrity photographer J. Horton in 

Hollywood for my website launch. J. Horton’s resume is long and his client list even longer.

Out of respect I won’t divulge his client list. BUT I will say I don’t know many people who have

been invited to shoot “Lady O”, in her home for the cover of her magazine! 

If you are thinking about having head shots or general pictures taken here are a few keep thing to

keep in mind to guarantee  the best pictures ever.

Rehearse: Take a good look at yourself in the mirror at home. Practice your smile (s). Try 

different looks and positions of your head and angles. This may sound silly, but photographers 

want to capture different angles. You never know what will read best on the other side of the 

camera lense.

Hydrate: Bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated throughout the shoot. The lights are

hot and your energy can easily be drained. Also pack a pocket sized container of Vaseoline. This

is an old model’s trick. Rub the Vaseoline on the insides of your lips. It will help to keep your 

mouth lubricated and keep your lips from sticking to your teeth in the open air after smiling for 

long periods.

Wardrobe: Bring at least three changes of clothing. Bring different looks to give yourself 

options. Not all colors read well on camera as we might think, especially in the bright lights.

Remembering these few tips with ensure a happy and successful photo shoot! Say Cheese!