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Lou Caravella


It is surreal to eyewitness so many events collide at one time in The United States. From senseless violence to arguments over the right to fly a flag, the bad seems to outweigh the good at times. But today I take stock and reflect on what is good in our nation.  The morning I awoke to the news that SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) decided in a 5-4 vote that gays and lesbians have the right to marry NATIONWIDE!

I didn’t think that I would feel all of the emotions that have bubbled to the surface after this decision. I have been happily married to my Canadian husband Martin since 2009 in Canada. Marriage equality has been recognized there since 2002. But after a flood of text messages, Tweets and Facebook postings shared by my friends in the states, it reminded me of the magnitude of this historic moment in time. Some of my friends have had the pleasure of getting married in a state that recognizing same-sex unions, but others have not. I recalled an instance in a gay bar in Arkansas a few years back that my cousin took Martin and me too. We were given a standing ovation when they found out that we were legally married. I was actually embarrassed. Why should we get acknowledged for something that everyone does every day? And then my cousin pointed out to me, “Gay marriage isn’t legal here in Arkansas. These people admire you for having the right to get married.”

That moment in time has been ringing in my head all day. For so long I’ve had the chance to enjoy a freedom that so many people that I know, and don’t know hadn’t had until this very morning. My brother who I don’t speak to that often called me out of the blue today and said, “I just wanted to call you about the court’s decision today. I’m happy for you.” You can’t imagine what that meant to me.

While today’s decision will have a lasting impact on us as a nation, I don’t think any of us yet know how much opportunity it give us to heal. Just because the ruling has been decided doesn’t mean there isn’t still yet more work to do. It’s not a quick fix or a cure all. But it is a step in the right direction for all of us.

While I split my time between the U.S. and Canada I am especially proud on this day to be American and to have been born in America. Having basic human rights and being a decent human being are things we should all strive for. When I am old, and there is the child of a same-sex couple staring in a Hollywood blockbuster or high ranking Politian who thanks their two moms for all their love and support, I will look back on THIS day, as the day that made it possible. #LuvIsLuv #LoveAlwaysWins