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Black Friday Do’s and Don’ts

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Black Friday Do’s and Don’ts

Robert E. Blackmon

·      Do an inventory and create a list of “must have” and “wish list” items. There is a difference.

·      Don’t veer away from the list unless it’s a deal that you are absolutely certain won’t come around again (like a pair Christian Louboutin red bottoms at 40% off)

·      Do indulge in a few hot ticket items for the kiddies.

·      Don’t bring them with you. (Get a sitter.)

·      Do give yourself a realistic budget on what you can afford to spend on gifts.

·      Don’t forget to treat yourself as well… You’ve earned it.

·      Do bring all coupons and sales apps with you and be organized with them.

·      Don’t forget to look at reviews of products and return policies before you buy.

·      Do set a rough estimate of shopping time so that you can remain focused.

·      Don’t forget to be patient, courteous and helpful if possible. You just might need it in return.